The inner sanctum

A square with four congruent equilateral triangles. What fraction is yellow?

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The yellow fraction is 7-4√3, which is approximately 7,18%.

Solution by Matematik Ofisi.


There is a way which leads
To the inner sanctum
Welcome in this holy place
Everyone has an inner sanctum inside his mind
A place to love
A place for peace
And for sunshine too
It can be opened freely
Better than hold it tightly
And hide it secret and deep


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2 replies on “The inner sanctum”

-Los lados de los triángulos celestes son: a, a, t=>t=a.3^(1/2)
-El lado del cuadrado grande: t+a= a.(3^(1/2)+1)
-El lado del cuadrado amarillo: t-a=a.(3^(1/2)-1)
La razón entre las áreas del cuadrado grande y el pequeño es:
7-4.3^(1/2) aproximadamente: 0,072 es decir el 7,2%

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