Dr Rik Tangerman

Your brain is a muscle that you can and should keep in shape. Geometry puzzles are kind of exercises for your brain. They improve the logical and critical thinking skills that are so needed in these times of fake news and propaganda. Keep mentally fit!

Mirangu is based in The Netherlands and is initiated by Rik Tangerman. He holds a PhD in theoretical physics, and has ventured into marketing and information technology jobs, both as an employee and as an entrepreneur.

In his high-school days, Rik’s favourite subject was mathematics. Its clarity and beauty always appealed to him strongly. In solving and creating geometry puzzles, he revives this high-school love.

Henriët Veen

We try to enrich the puzzles by using colours and giving them imaginative names. Head of the names department is Henriët Veen, a creative entrepreneur with a knack for text.


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