Buddha’s belly

A square containing a quarter circle and a tangent line segment. What is a : b?

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The proportion a : b is 1 : 2.

Solution by Kamran Zamani.


Buddhas Belly
Chan Butai the big Buddha
A laughing Buddha
With it’s round belly
Is a symbol of prosperity
A joy of life and
Of wisdom
He helps to be lucky
He looks nice, his face feels kindly
The stomach is considered the seat of the soul
And a big heart
It’s just an allegory


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One reply on “Buddha’s belly”

the right triangle above on the right has sides b, (a+b)/2, and (3a/2+b/2).
For Pythagoras we obtain 2a2+ab-b2=0 and (2a-b)(a+b)=0 that has the only solution a=b/2. Tus a/b=1/2 and b=2a

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